Could I be………

If I am not a Thomas……

Could I be a Paul…………..

Or could I be a Mcallister?

Of the 15 matches on my 67 marker Y-DNA results, I have one McAllister at 65/67 and another one at 63/67 and I have a McAlister also at 63/67. To date I have been unable to make any progress through these three matches. One of them suggested I join the Clan McAllister project which I have done but to date, I haven’t been able to sort my way through the maze.

Or could I be an O’May?

I have a 61/67 match with John O’May who went to America from Scotland to start a new life. I have been in contact with O’May family members in the USA and they tell me that there is only one O’May family in America and that is them. One of John O’May’s descendents emigrated to Australia and lives in the same small country/coastal town that I live in – Anglesea in Victoria. An amazing coincidence. This match is 6 steps off so it isn’t too significant unfortunately but I am continuing to research possible further connections.

Or could I be a Callahan?

I also have a 61/67 match with a Callahan but I haven’t made any progress there to date.

Of the ten remaining matches, one is 61/67 and the others are 60/67 – 7 steps off.

Five belong to the surname O’Gara and all are listed as private except for one. I did pursue this line some time ago but might try again soon. The others belong to Clark, Russell, Wiley, O’Hara and Strickland.

Two very capable genealogists who have helped me in my search feel that my roots lie in Scotland with likely connections to the Paisley, Renfrewshire area, but also with almost certain Irish links.  The American link cannot be discounted as the Scots and Irish were among the early settlers.  But just recently – August 2013 – I paid for a consultation and report from Dr Tyrone Bowes at and he believes that I originate from the Sligo area in Ireland where the Mays (O’Mays) originated from.