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My birth certificate states that my name is John Leonard Cummings, but the one certainty I have is that I am not a Cummings.

The only name clue I have is that my biological father’s name MAY have been Paul Thomas but so far, fairly exhaustive searching, has not delivered any positive results.

I have been searching for my father for several years now and firmly believe that I only have two chances of finding who he is or was. Either FamilytreeDNA or 23andme will provide me with a suitable match or someone will stumble across this web site and say – “I think I can help this guy”.

I would be more successful if more British people participated in DNA testing, but of course, they don’t need to – they know their roots.  It’s the Americans, Canadians, Australians and Kiwis who have mainly engaged in DNA testing to try and find out where they came from.  So any results I have to date from DNA testing invariably refer to someone several generations ago which means I have a lot of sleuthing to do!

Therefore – I have decided to record as much detail on this web site as I can, more than most people probably would. I have nothing to hide with regard to my past and am too thick skinned to be worried about what people might think. I only have one goal – to put a valid name against my mother’s name on my family tree for my children and their children.

Who am I?