I am researching the family history for a Melbourne lady called Anne – her father was a JEFFERY and her mother was a HOLMES.

I have the JEFFERY pedigree back to William JEFFERY born 1685 almost certainly in Sussex, England.

But the HOLMES pedigree has hit a brick wall at Joseph HOLMES born 1811 in Anwoth, Kirkcudbrightshire. In 1837 he married Ann McMINNIES born 1809 in Crossmichael, Kirkcudbrightshire.

I have Anne McMINNIES parents and grandparents – both her parents were born in Crossmichael. Joseph and Ann’s children were all born in Kirkcudbrightshire.

To date, I have only been able to find Joseph’s father – Joseph’s death certificate – see below – lists his father as Thomas Holmes, Forester.  No record of his mother.

I have tested Anne and one of her sisters at FTDNA and have tested her son and another of her sisters at ANCESTRY.

When I search through the ANCESTRY matches on those who have HOLMES in their family trees, nearly all of these HOLMES were born in Yorkshire. And as well as having HOLMES in their trees, many have other significant surnames in their trees, as Anne does – names such as BUCHANAN, WALKER, WILSON, SMITH, STUBBS and so on.

I am therefore leaning towards the likelihood that Joseph (1811) HOLMES’s father was born in Yorkshire and moved up to Scotland but at this stage have not found him.

Joseph (1811) HOLMES had three sons, Thomas, Joseph and John.

Thomas had the one son – Joseph. I have not been able to find if his brothers had children.

Based on the above, it is probably a fair assumption to consider that Joseph (1811) HOLMES’ father was probably Thomas. To date, I have looked for a Thomas HOLMES born circa 1785 somewhere in Yorkshire and died hopefully in Kirkcudbrightshire. No luck as yet.

John Cummings, Anglesea, Victoria, Australia

holmes AT surfcoastwombat DOT com

James and Jane and Elizabeth HOLMS 1841 census

Jane Holms death cert 1860

James Holms death cert 1859

James Holms death cert 1859

Transcription of Joseph Holmes 1887 will and testament

Joseph Holmes death cert 1887

Thomas Holmes birth cert 1767